HCL Freshers Interview Experience

HCL Interview Experience

Hi Friends,

I would like to share my Experience with the HCL Technologies campus placement to you all so that it may help you to get the clear idea of what to prepare and may get some help from my post.


As you know, amcat test is the collection of all sections. The sections is in the order of Data Structures, OOPS concepts and Programming, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative and Verbal. In Amcat you have to attend all questions and here won’t be any negative marking. questions will be appear on the window one by one, You need to answer a question to go to next question. you can’t come to previous questions. sorry for that, but that’s the procedure in Amcat. also next section will come only if you complete the current section. each section has different number of questions say 15,12,10,16, etc., not exactly. each sections has different time and a minute break given between each sections.



It is one on one discussion. A technical Person will be interviewing you and tests your basic programming knowledge and questions may dependent on your stream also. I’m am ECE graduate, so the questions I had was little bit easy than what CSE guys had. an intro by yourself for a formality.

1st Question: How to find the maximum number in a array of ten numbers?
Ans) You have to write the program in what language you know, i wrote in C++. Then he asked me to explain the program. your way of explaining matters at that point of time. be confident.

2nd Question: Do you Know fibonacci series, If yes write a program to generate the series?
Ans) Again I wrote it in C++ and explained him.

3rd Question: what is structures and unions in C? Explain It?
Ans) I explained about Structures and when I started off with unions he took my resume and asked me to explain about my final year project.

You guys need to know about Your Project. Explain it Boldly.

In my resume, I gave C# as my additional knowledge, so he asked me to write the program to get employee details in C#. I started off with only three lines, he again stopped me and asked one ECE conceptual question( Note: Few persons will not stop you until you write the code, My interviewer is a kind person )

The ECE conceptual Question was: All vehicles cross the speed breaker, at the point of time of hitting the speed breaker, can we able to generate current from that collision. If Yes, How? If Not, Why?

I told Yes its Possible, and explained about piezo-electric crystal principles. from that only potential variation will be obtained, current will be produced, but it will be in nano amps, so we can’t able to make use of it. so profit from this project will be less than our implementation. In this he tested my Department Knowledge and way of speaking and explaining.(Note: not all can get same questions). then he asked me to wait for the HR interview.


The interview conducted is just for a name sake and 80% candidates cleared technical are selected in HR interview, but it will not be same in all situations. The HR asked me to give a brief intro of me. from your intro, He will ask few questions regarding your family and self. Then He asked me, whether you are comfortable for relocation anywhere in India. I said Yes. Then he asked me that do you have any query. don’t say no, just ask anything, I asked about accommodations if i am relocated. then he told that mail will be coming to you regarding selection.

You have to clear with all the OOPS concepts and C, C++. Go through regularly. candidates with me also said that it was bit easier. confident with apps, If you clear Amcat, That’s your Day, All the best.

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