Fly Dubai need Staff [APPLY ONLINE ASAP]

Fly Dubai need Staff [APPLY ONLINE ASAP]


Fly Dubai is a international airline and operate in 94 destination all over the world . It is a airline for low income people . Low salaried person can fly easily with fly Dubai . It’s operate from Dubai international airport from terminal 2 . It’s fly to India , Pakistan , Middle east , Europe , Africa and gulf countries . It was founded in 2008 and start operation in 2009 . Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum is a chairman of the company and running it successfully . Government of Dubai own Fly Dubai and also fly emirates , but there is no connection between two airlines . Now days it’s in establishing phase and hiring staff for full their demand . The company need staff accounts , marketing , sales , administration , engineering , information technology , human resource , aviation staff , ground staff , security , driver and many others .

More about Fly Dubai

Initially it was provided only economy class service , but now the company start providing international standards business class facilities to their passengers . The company acquire 43 aircraft in 2014 and also planing to purchase more airbuses and Boeing aircraft . The company have 3321 employees in all over the world . The company headquarter in terminal 2 Dubai international airport and operates from there . It is the emerging airline in Gulf and Asia region .

Benefits to employees

Fly Dubai provide all kinds of facilities to their employees like house rent facilities , medical facilities , transportation facilities and many more . The company provide over time and leave encasement and many other facilities . It provide best ever environment to their employees and also provide sports and fitness facilities . The company provide salaries according to international standards . It provide all kinds of government holidays and much more . Fly Dubai is a company which is giving too much to their employees , so that is the reason every person love to work with the company .

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  1. I heared first time about this site….this is very helpfull to dind out job opportunities pls help me find out a good job for me ….iam degree graduated and I have completed IATA-Foundation in a reputed institute akbar acadamy

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