Huge Latest Job Vacancies in Gems Education Group @UAE

Huge Latest Job Vacancies in Gems Education Group @UAE

From a pioneering beginning, innovation has been the driving force in everything that we do. In 1959, KS Varkey and Mariama Varkey, a teacher, arrived in Dubai to a burgeoning trading centre on the Arabian Gulf. The Varkey family had left life in Kerala, India to seek a better life for their family in Dubai. What they saw was the real need for schooling to serve new workers arriving in the city from around the world. In 1968, the Varkey family opened Our Own English High School, offering an Indian-based school curriculum to an underserved community-Online Jobs. Their son, Sunny Varkey, added a visionary’s ambition to a practitioners’ experience and built the GEMS organization that exists today. From simple roots in a family of teachers, GEMS Education is today an international company advancing education for all – with students of all ages, from over 150 nationalities offering six different curricula and stretching across 19 countries – from the Middle East, North America and Europe to Asia and Africa.

Job Title Department Location
Arabic Teacher Teaching UAE
Islamic Studies Teacher Teaching UAE
Primary Teachers Teaching UAE
Maths Teachers Teaching UAE
Chemistry Teachers Teaching UAE
Early Years Practitioner – Immediate Start Teaching UAE
PE Teachers Teaching UAE
Art Teachers Teaching UAE
Design Technology Teachers Teaching UAE
Business and Economics Teachers Teaching UAE
SEN Teacher Teaching UAE
Vice Principal / Head Of Primary Teaching UAE
Elementary Teachers Teaching UAE
Early Years Coordinator Teaching UAE
Kindergarten and Elementary Teachers Teaching UAE
MFL Teacher (Spanish) Teaching UAE
History Teacher Teaching UAE
Psychology Teacher Teaching UAE
MYP Coordinator / Middle Years School Vice Principal Teaching UAE
DP Coordinator / High School Vice Principal Teaching UAE
ICT / Computing Teachers Teaching UAE
Learning Support Assistants / TAs Non Teacing UAE
ICT Engineer Non Teacing UAE
Parent Relations Executive Non Teacing UAE
Parent Relations Executive Non Teacing UAE
Business Controller Non Teacing UAE
Manager School Operations Non Teacing UAE
Assistant Manager School Facilities Non Teacing UAE
Admission Secretary Non Teacing UAE

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