Huge Job Vacancies in Dubai British School@Dubai-UAE

Huge Job Vacancies in Dubai British School@Dubai-UAE

Dubai British School is a thriving British international school, located in The Springs area of Dubai’s Emirates Hills. A member of the Taaleem group of schools, DBS offers high quality education to over a thousand students aged 3 to 18. For teaching positions at DBS, it is vital to ensure that you hold the correct qualifications and have the requisite experience. We would normally anticipate a minimum of two years’ (and probably more) qualified teaching experience.All candidates must have completed 12 years of Primary and Secondary education and hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Education or equivalent, specialising in the relevant educational field. Many of our UK qualified staff hold a subject degree and PGCE. Holding a subject degree alone will not qualify you to teach in the UAE. Teachers with extensive experience who hold a Certificate or Diploma of Education may be recognised as qualified. Offers made would be subject to receiving the approval of the UAE Ministry of Education, who must be satisfied that their criteria in the relevant teaching qualifications are met in a formal process-online jobs without investment

Job Title Location
Business Manager Abu Dhabi -UAE
HR Advisor Dubai -UAE
Receptionist Dubai -UAE
HR Advisor Abu Dhabi -UAE
Head of Admissions / Personal Assistant Dubai -UAE
English Learning Assistant Dubai -UAE
School Nurse Dubai -UAE
Primary Learning Support Dubai -UAE
Business Manager Dubai -UAE
Executive assistant to the Principal Dubai -UAE
School Nurse Dubai -UAE

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