Huge Job Vacancies in Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates@UAE

Huge Job Vacancies in Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates@UAE

The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates is the state institution responsible for managing the currency, monetary policy and banking regulation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It was established on 19 May 1973 as the United Arab Emirates Currency Board. This followed the creation of the UAE as an independent state in 1971. The original purpose of the UAE Currency Board was to issue an independent currency for the new state to replace the existing currencies in use: the Qatari riyal and the Bahraini Dinar. The new UAE dirham entered circulation on the same day the Currency Board was established.

Research & Statistics Department Banking Supervision Department
Research Analyst – Econometrics/Fiscal Senior Analyst
Principal – Research & Analysis Examiners– Exchange Houses
Senior Research Analyst – Econometrics/Fiscal Examiners’ Team Leader – Exchange Houses
Senior Research Analyst – Financial Reviewer-Exchange Houses
Research Analyst – Financial Specialist – Regulatory Development
Officer – Statistics Management Senior Officer Regulatory Policy & Enforcement
Officer – Statistics Production Banking Supervisor
Principal – Publications & Library Reviewer
Senior Officer – Statistics Management Banking Examiner
Senior Officer – Statistics Production IT Division
Risk Management Division Specialist IT Processes & Control
Senior Officer – Operational Risk Specialist IT Projects & Quality
Monetary & Reserve Management Department HR Division
Senior Fund Manager – Capital Markets Manager Planning & Recruitment
Dealer– Fx & Money Markets Internal Audit Department
Economist – Domestic Monetary Development Senior Auditor Head Office Operations
Economist – Liquidity Forecasting Senior Auditor Finance
Senior Economist – Monetary Strategy Auditor Head Office Operational Audit
Principal Financial Analyst – Financial Stability Surveillance Legal Affairs Division
Senior Financial Analyst (Banking Sector) Officer Legislative Development
Communication & International Relations Division Officer Legal Affairs
Officer Media & Public Enquiries Legislative Researcher
Head of Communications & International Relation Legal Researcher
Administration Affairs Division Officer Legal
Secretary Administration Affairs Division
Executive Secretary Secretary
Legal Translator Arabic/English Executive Secretary

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