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About Emirates Hospital

Our Mission at Emirates Hospital is to provide high quality, faster, better and friendlier service consistent with the needs and beliefs of our patients, employees, visitors and vendors in a comfortable and secure environment.

Why Emirates Hospital?

Our aim is to make your time in our hospital as relaxing and as enjoyable as possible. Whatever the reason for your stay, however long you stay with us, you’ll be looked after by our highly trained nursing staff and treated by some of the country’s most respected and experienced specialist surgeons.

Our hospital was built to allow physicians and medical professionals to practice medicine with state-of-the-art technology and to provide high quality care in a comfortable environment. We feature fully equipped operating rooms with the latest advanced instrumentation. Our recovery rooms assure your privacy and provide an opportunity for your family to join you shortly after surgery.

Emirates Hospital offers patients a safe and professional environment, with highly qualified nursing and technical staff who were chosen for their vast experience.

Emirates Hospital is a well-known, surgical hospital in the heart of Dubai (Jumeirah) with a large multi-specialty medical center in Dubai Marina and a sister hospital in Abu Dhabi and clinics in Al Ain, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah. We believe in providing Better-Faster-Friendlier cost effective services for our multi-cultural community. We have one of the highest employees satisfaction rates in the industry. Due to our fast growth, we now have the following openings:


Job Title Location
Consultant Cardiologist (Interventional) Jumeirah-Dubai
Consultant Internal Medicine Jumeirah-Dubai
General Practitioner (GP) Jumeirah-Dubai
Consultant Gynaecologist Jumeirah-Dubai
Male Cashier Jumeirah-Dubai
Female Cashier Jumeirah-Dubai
Receptionist Jumeirah-Dubai
Pharmacist Jumeirah-Dubai
Non Interventional Cardiologist Jumeirah-Dubai
Home Healthcare Manager Jumeirah-Dubai
Registered Nurses Jumeirah-Dubai
CSSD Technician Jumeirah-Dubai
PRO Jumeirah-Dubai
Ophthalmologist (Part Time) Marina-Dubai
Radiologist (Part Time) Marina-Dubai
Proctologist (Part Time) Marina-Dubai
CSSD Technician Marina-Dubai
Receptionist / Front Desk Specialist Marina-Dubai
Female Gynecologist Abu Dhabi
Consultant Cardiologist Abu Dhabi
Specialist General Surgeon Abu Dhabi
Consultant/Specialist Gastroenterologist Abu Dhabi
Hair Transplant Nurse Abu Dhabi
Registered Nurse Abu Dhabi
Gynecologist Khalifa City
Aesthetician Khalifa City
ENT Specialist Al Ain
Dental Assistant Al Ain
Dermatologist (Part Time) Fujairah



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