CGI Placement Paper – Associate Software Engineer / Testing

CGI Placement Paper – Associate Software Engineer / Testing :

1st Round – Aptitude : 25 Questions , 30 Minutes

  1. Quantitative Aptitude – 10 Questions .For Example : A train running at the speed of 60 km/hr crosses a pole in 9 seconds. What is the length of the train? (RS Aggarwal book is enough)
  2. Puzzles -5 questions based on puzzles. For Example : Six People , Six Kind of Food and Six Kind of Market
  3. English – Medium level ( For Example fill in the blanks with correct words ) { 10 questions , 5 based on verbs / tenses and 5 from a paragraph }

2nd Round – Group Discussion :

Speak on various topics such as Corruption , Pollution etc. Easy round , speak with confident and you will get through it.

3rd Round – 1st Technical followed by 2nd Technical with short HR :

Prepare your college project very well. Around 30-35 basic questions from OOPS and Database. For Example : How to implement interface in .NET ? What are the types of SQL queries ? If you’re going for Testing , questions will be asked on testing.

If you clear 1st technical , 90% chance of clearing 2nd Technical round. It involves little bit of HR round too. Its very important to behave good in this round. Some hard technical questions could be asked. For Example : How to find second highest salary from Employee database ? What are sub queries ?

4th Round – HR Round :


Must learn about CGI. All typical HR questions like Tell me about yourself. Why you want to join CGI ? Your family background , strength and weakness , etc.

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