Accenture Fresher Interview Experience

Accenture Placement Paper | AMCAT | Fresher Interview Experience

Accenture Interview Experience:

Hi friends, First of all I would like to thanks everyone for helping me out to attend this interview especially AMCAT. I would like to share my interview experience so it may help to all preparing for Accenture Interview. The Accenture interview was conducted in VIT University, Chennai via AMCAT. You can also find many Accenture Placement papers and previous interview experience on google search.

There were more than 3 thousand candidates who have been called for Interview. The whole process took 1 day and result were announced on same day. The interview and selection procedure is same for Elitmus as well. There is no written round (As we already shortlisted based on AMCAT or Elitmus Score). So candidates will be called for Direct Interview in most cases.

First Round:

First Round is AMCAT Assessment Test. I hope most of you aware of AMCAT Exam but those who do not please read the post below.

AMCAT round was conducted for those candidates having no AMCAT score. Usually if you already have AMCAT score then you need not to worry about this part.

There is one more dilemma over the cut off score for Accenture ! But friends to be frank the cut off marks are very less to get call from Accenture. If you have overall 60%+ marks in all section then you can expect the call from Accenture (Sometime below 50%). Luck also plays an important role here :p

Second Round (Final Round):

Technical + HR Interview :

We were divided into group of 5 members and Interview panel consists of 2 persons (Tech+HR). Lets Jump into the interview part.

Introduction: Tell me about yourself and blah blah ! (Basic question asked in Any Company Interview)

Extempore Round (The topics are randomly selected by HR so be confident on what you say. This round is to check your communication skills and confidence level. So once you start with something try to add some valuable points into your content. Approximate time (10 Mins) 2 mins for each candidate. Our Topic was “What are the challenges India Facing Today

Questions Asked : (Please refer previous placement papers for more questions)

C & C++ Difference
Basic OOPs concepts
Final Year Project
Some Basic Programs
Why you want to join Accenture
Some general questions apart from your stream & Resume

Luckily we all batch mates have cleared this round and selected for Accenture. I dont know the exact figure but I guess around 400+ candidates were selected out of 3k candidates. All the best !

Success Mantra: “Time goes by, But journey never ends, Just keep going, Don’t stop, Don’t give up, And one day you will get success”

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