Latest Oil and Gas Vacancies in Chiyoda@UAE

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Latest Oil and Gas Vacancies in Chiyoda@UAE

Founded in 1948 in the post war period to reconstruct Japan, Chiyoda started its engineering business for domestic projects mainly in the petroleum refining, gas processing and petrochemical fields, and expanded into overseas projects in the 1960’s. Since then, Chiyoda has been and is growing steadily under the corporate philosophy of enhancing its business by aiming for harmony between energy and the environment and contributing to the sustainable development of society-Online Job Dubai
Global situations are dramatically changing, especially those related to energy, including increasing demand in developing countries caused by economic growth, ”Shale Gas Revolution” and “Gas Shift”, as well as there being a call to develop renewable energies. We have to recognize that it is time for us to meet these challenges.

Under these challenges, we set up last year a mid-term management plan (MT-Plan), “Seize the moment, Open up new frontiers”, and will pursue the growth strategies and operating foundation strategies under the MT-Plan. We will make the most of our technology in such demanding projects as floating LNG, ocean energy, concentrating solar power (CSP) generation and the hydrogen supply chain-Online Job Dubai

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